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Unlock unmatched power and precision on the padel court with the Vertex 04 Comfort. Designed for professionals and advanced players, this diamond-shaped racket features a rough Top Spin surface for maximum power and high performance without sacrificing control. With a weight approximately ranging between 360-370 grams, a profile of 38mm, and a high balance, this racket is meticulously crafted to meet the demands of the most discerning players.


The Vertex 04 Comfort boasts a diamond shape, ensuring optimal maneuverability and responsiveness during intense rallies. Its exterior composition of Fibrix and interior composition of Multieva guarantee durability, comfort, and exceptional performance on the court. Tailored for adult experts, this racket offers a perfect balance between power and control, with ratings of 100 for power and 90 for control. Elevate your game to new heights with the Vertex 04 Comfort - the ultimate choice for serious padel players.


    • Rough Top Spin surface for maximum power and control
    • Weight approximately 360-370 grams
    • Profile: 38mm
    • High balance for enhanced stability and maneuverability
    • Diamond shape for optimal responsiveness
    • Exterior composition: Fibrix; Interior composition: Multieva
    • Tailored for adult expert players
    • Power/Control rating: 100/90
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