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Elevate your game with the IONIC POWER, a diamond-shaped racket designed for medium to advanced level players seeking effortless power and efficiency on the padel court. Featuring a medium balance and the innovative XForce system, this racket is conceived to amplify your performance and precision with every swing.


Experience Effortless Power: The IONIC POWER combines ease of use with effectiveness, offering players a powerful tool on the court. With its diamond shape and high balance, this racket delivers unparalleled power, allowing you to dominate the game with confidence.


Premium Construction for Superior Performance: Crafted with precision, the IONIC POWER features a carbon fiber and glass fiber blend for its outer core, providing durability and strength. The inner core is made of MultiEva for optimal cushioning and responsiveness, while the CarbonTube frame, composed of 100% carbon fiber, ensures stability and power with every shot.


Unleash Your Potential: Designed for medium to high-level players, the IONIC POWER strikes the perfect balance between power and control, with ratings of 90 for power and 80 for control. Whether you're smashing winners from the baseline or executing delicate drop shots at the net, this racket empowers you to play at your best.


    • Easy-to-use and efficient diamond-shaped racket
    • Medium balance for effortless power
    • New XForce system for enhanced performance
    • Outer core composed of carbon fiber and glass fiber blend
    • Inner core made of MultiEva for optimal cushioning
    • CarbonTube frame made of 100% carbon fiber for stability and power
    • Weight: 365-375 grams
    • Profile: 38mm
    • Shape: Diamond
    • Player: Advanced
    • Power/Control: 90/80
  • Elevate your padel game to new heights with the IONIC POWER. Experience effortless power, precision, and control with every swing. Join the elite - choose IONIC POWER today.

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