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Tolerance and explosive power: exactly what you need to control the game with patience and seize the perfect opportunity to win. In other words, become a counter striker. The Counter Viper receives a new makeover, retaining its proven advantages while enhancing comfort. Be a COUNTER STRIKER and wear out your opponents before clinching the point-winning shot.


Benefits: Experience maximum intensity with the Counter Viper's explosive power, combining a carbon surface with X-EVA technology for unprecedented performance. Achieve precision and control with a larger sweet spot, ensuring you dominate the game. Enjoy comfort and injury prevention with the new VIBRABSORB SYSTEM² technology, providing optimal vibration dampening


£199.00 Regular Price
£145.00Sale Price
    • Player Typology: Counter Striker
    • Head Shape: Hybrid
    • Composition: FRAME (Carbon), SURFACE (Carbon), CORE (Multi-EVA)
    • Weight: 365 g +/- 10g
    • Thickness: 38 mm
    • Balance Type: Head Heavy
    • Recommended Grip: Syntec Evo
    • Type of Cover: No Cover
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