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‘What IS padel tennis?’ ‘Do people actually play it?’ ‘Is it popular in the UK?’ – for answers to these questions and more, check out the FAQ section below.

  • What is padel tennis?
    Padel tennis is a doubles' racquet discipline that combines elements of tennis and squash. Padel is a vibrant, social game filled with energy that is played with a softer ball on a smaller court with a lower net.
  • Is padel tennis becoming popular?
    Padel is the fastest growing racquet sport ever and is currently dominating Europe and is now set to disrupt the UK sports industry. This fast growth is fuelled by the ease of play and accessibility, whilst being a doubles game makes Padel a truly addictive social activity
  • Will padel tennis become more popular than tennis?
    Tennis has more exposure compared to padel, since it’s broadcast all around the world and is a more established sport when it comes to worldwide media and recognition. Nevertheless, padel is catching up and is becoming more popular than tennis in several European and Latin American countries.
  • Do I need a membership to play?
    No, to play Padel you can simple book via our website as a Pay As You Play option. Our membership packages however come with a range of perks and benefits such as 28 day advance booking and more.
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